Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Crumpton provides one-on-one spiritual counseling for holistic, healthy integration of your unique experience and vision of faith into every area of life and aspect of who you are.


Together we can create new and better ways of thinking, growing, speaking, relating, practicing and being.

Half-hour or hour-long sessions are held in person in midtown New York City or from anywhere via Skype. Evening appointments are available and on-site appointments can be considered.

Rev. Crumpton partners with individuals to deeply and fully consider and understand spiritual issues, to envision what breakthrough looks like, to set intentions, and to establish incremental goals for progress for the length of counseling.

-Healing from Religion

-Finding your Voice

-Relationships, Family, Dating

-Divorce / Separation


-Finding your Calling / Vocation

-Career Decisions

-Navigating and Making Change

-Spiritual Growth and Development

-Spiritual Practices that work for Changing Faith


-Spiritual Boundaries

-Confidence and Sense of Self

-Using Spiritual Exploration to address Traumatic Events

Please fill out the contact form under the Contact tab of this website to begin a conversation about your needs, schedule a free consultation, and set up the counseling that is right for you.